Asia Pacific Stroke Organisation

Asia Pacific Stroke Organization (APSO) was established on 9 June 2009 through the merging of Asia Pacific Stroke Association and Japan Stroke Forum. The main objectives of APSO are:

1. To promote and encourage the advancement of scientific knowledge, research and practice in all aspects of stroke.

2. To promote, encourage, organize the post-graduate training and participate in the continuing education process of other members of health professional organizations in the field of stroke.

3. To influence the policy for stroke practice and improve the health service.

The Hong Kong Stroke Society

The Hong Kong Stroke Society (HKSS) was founded in April 2001 and is now registered as a limited company in Hong Kong. The society has become a charity organization in Hong Kong since 2007. Our objectives :

1. To advance the knowledge and practice of stroke management as a science.

2. To create an awareness of the prevalence of stroke disorders and to improve the standard of stroke diagnosis and treatment.

3. To encourage, develop or assist in the development of research in stroke and related disciplines.